Whole 45

Day 27 of my Whole 30 Challenge has just been completed. I blame the lack of blog entries on the endless cooking and dishes I am doing. I am proud to say I have been doing great with sticking to the whole 30 plan, aside for the piece of chocolate fudge I licked on Day 22. I am feeling great ! My energy level is better than it has been in a long time. I thought this would be difficult, but in reality it is not so bad. Eating out is a pain as I have gone out to lunch once and was “that person” recreating a dish on the menu. I have prepared two meals for two good friends who seemed to enjoy my dishes. I have been experimenting with lots of new things in the kitchen and really enjoying it. I have come to love zoodles ! My most unusual dish, which was seemed to a hit yesterday when my concert buddy Ross came over. It is a cold thai salad with an almond butter “sunshine sauce”. The zoodles are made up of carrots, zucchini and cucumber. thai


I also survived a small get together with friends for a little party. I had wine, bread, tortilla chips, and chocolate available for my guest. It was very tempting, but I resisted. My friend was also very happy as I sent her home with a grocery bag full of the non-compliant left overs. I did save the two unopened bottles of Zinfandel for future indulging

.  no wine

I did not exercise as originally planned. For February I am going to incorporate more movement. Although my energy has increased, I have not been using it for exercise. I have been using it to clean, rearrange my living room, and finally organize thing around the house. I did a bit of yoga, but nothing to strenuous. I am using an exercise that my body needs to rest my whiplash last month. I am feeling good. So now excusing as we head in to February!! I have decided to continue on for a least another 45 days. I do not think I have lost weight, but that’s ok for now. I am feeling better and that is what matters. The weight will come off. Its been adding up for a while now, so I can expect it to fall over in  a matter of 30 days.                                                                                                         In other news, no new Misters stories. And that is quite alright !! I would like to introduce my Pet Smart parking lot find. Miss Kami Kat ! Kumi has been wanting a kitty for awhile, so the universe came through. She is a great addition to my cozy home. My allergies do not agree, but we are working on it.


So I am pressing on through February.. I may enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail if I step out of the house, and most likely I will purchase a dark chocolate bar to taste after Day 30, but I am committed to another round. I have found the key to success is to talk about my change, and to prep !! I have discarded pretty much all the “junk” food in my house. There is a box of Junior Mints calling my name in the snack drawer which is now filled with various nuts and lara bar, instead of the usually sweet goodies… Till next time !






Welcome 2016


Unfortunately it has been about a year since I have written. This fact is disappointing as writing is such a good release for me. The important thing is I am back and at it again. A quick recap of 2015 includes pretty much the same cast of characters that pop in and out of my life. I am fine with that. I enjoy the time the Misters give me, and vice versa. 2015 has been extremely challenging as a pet mom. My kumi has had many obstacles, and long story short….every day he gives me is a gift. I try my best to keep in comfortable and happy. And that he is….

Anyway…Cheers to 2016 ! I am shifting the focus of my blog a bit. Instead of my adventures in the dating world, I am going to write of my adventures with becoming healthy. I want to be healthy. Currently I am not. I am the heaviest I have been to date. Although I still get compliments on the rare occasion I do go out. I do not see the “curvy” “hour-glass” figure people complement me on.  I am finding it more and more difficult to leave the house due to the chubby bunny I see in the mirror. And I also hear the words one gentleman thought was a compliment, ” I like fluffy women.” Ugh fluffy ?? Please don’t ever call a girl fluffy.


So..what proceeds will be the adventures of a single girl and her pit bull experiencing the Whole 30 challenge. This challenge will officially start January 3rd. The focus is to start leading a healthy lifestyle. 30 days of a diet which does not include dairy, grain, sugar or alcohol. Yikes ! Yes this will be a challenge, a much needed challenge. Especially since I have been experiencing severe sinus and back issues. whole301

I am looking forward to the “transformation” and believe documenting the next 30 days will help me to comply with whole 30 guide lines. No weight checks can be done during the next 30 days. I also will be exercising more since I joined Cal fit two months ago. My goals are to go to yoga class at least 3 times a week and fit extra cardio in during those visit or additional visits to them. Kumi too needs to lose a few pounds so I will walk him around the park at least two times a week as well. He cannot handle much due to his heart and previous injuries.  So there you have it, me in a quick nutshell. Please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts. Happy new year and Cheers to a bikini body and healthy mind !



Gone but still here


We are still here. Not much has changed. A brief rendezvous with Mr. Bully was nice but had to end. For one our spoiled ass dogs failed to see eye to eye and Two Mr. Bully thought I was too wonderful. He loved EVERYTHING I did…too the point of giving him a cup of coffee was so very special.


Please….too much for me to handle. On there’s more.

Im just too tired n ready for bed


Sweet dreams

Me Calm ?


I have not posted in a while. I am still on hiatus.  The end of this school term is one week away.  I took two classes this term and have added an additional job. Now again I wear the hat of a food server, making some cash in tips. Needless to say this has kept me away from the online sharks of the dating scene. Mr. Muscles still comes around, and I am liking him a little bit more. Someone must have sounded the radar for Mr. Military as he reached out to me in the last two months or so. He is staying true to his cycle. He awakes the moths inside my heart, disappears, then returns, extending an olive branch, and the words, “You are the first person I want to see when I return.” I have grown a bit since the last cycle, so I don’t have any expectations for his return.expec

Anyway, what triggered this post was a friend’s words. I met a nice guy who I shall call “Mr. Bully” at one of the dog’s shows I attended awhile back. We are friends on Instagram, and he does a great deal of good within the bully community. We talk pit bull and  “Like” each other’s dog photos. A simple friendship with a common love for the bulls. So yesterday I showed my support for Ari (the big blue puppy) and  his dog and people family by attending an ABKC bully show yesterday. I love going to these events, although Kumi gives me this look, as I leave with my Team APB tee-shirt on. He knows I am doing something dog with out him.


Mr. Bully attends many different events selling goods. Some of the proceeds go to non-kill shelters and rescue organizations. Awesome! I love supporting a good cause. So accompanied by Ari, I stopped by his booth to say hello. Gave his pup a pat and went on my way. This morning he sends me a message thanking me for showing love and continues to tell me I have such a calming effect on him and he would like to know more about me. I thanked him for his kind words.

So what I am wondering is, do I truly have a “calming” effect on people ? Or is this a new pick up line. I have heard this many times, not only in dating but from the clients at work too. The common denominator of these words, are strangers.  Strangers tell me they feel comfortable with me, and I am calming. My friends, my family, I think they would disagree.


I’m proud of my independence and how  much I have grown mentally (not physically😛🍕🍕). In November I will celebrate two years of life changes. I have rebuilt my confidence and am acquiring a strong sense of self. People may think single life is simple. Yes, I do as I please and enjoy it. My life is still full of responsibilities. They may be different than the norm, but I have them. I want to make a difference in so many ways. The world we live in makes this a challenge and I have yet to be defeated. With a long deep breath I shall keep going.


B-day Girl


Yesterday was my birthday. I don’t care for my day. It usually turns out lame. This year was tolerable.  I went to work and didn’t plan anything in particular. No expectations. I did not tell Mr. Muscles it was my day. I did invite him over for his weekly visit and offered to make him dinner. I prepared the usual chicken, brown rice, and broccoli. He drinks Gatorade and I usually have wine or water. When he arrived last night he had a bottle of moscato. He remembered.  He thanked me for making him dinner on my bday. I was unaware he had been in the bay area all day and had to return in the early morning. He said he had to remove himself from the business he was attending to because he knew it was my bday. That was all I needed. He made me smile…..


Last year I was super excited. I was dating Reno at the time. Reno was fun!  He was silly, he loved the finer things in life, he loved $$. Reno was not at all stingy, if I liked something, he bought it. He kept my wallet full and ensured he my toes were always pretty by providing funds for a weekly pedicure. Reno was handsome, and liked attention. He loved to play craps and when he won, he was a superstar. When we first started dating he bought me a pretty cocktail dress and some fancy heels. We drove with the top down to the casino in his little red convertible and arrived at the hotel valet blaring Michael Jackson’s”Billie Jean”. We turned a lot of heads. I’m pretty low-key, attention seeking is not my style, but it made Reno happy so I laughed as people opened doors and he flashed his money. People thought we were fancy. That first weekend at the hotel was awesome, lunch poolside, beers at the bar and room service for dinner. He won a lot of money that weekend and he made big plans for my birthday the next month. Due to his player card status we were able to get complimentary rooms on the spa level and concert tickets. He planned a 3 day stay with lots of “birthday surprises” the weekend prior to last years bday.  We checked in to  a suite and saw Rick Springfield in concert on night one. We had so much fun, we got dressed and danced and laughed. After the show it was crap table time. Now I am NOT very coordinated, thinking I was Lady Luck was not wise on his part. While sipping on our second bottle of champagne, he requested for me to throw the dice. I did. Off the table…..

Craps dice

Needless to say, the attention loving Reno, was embarrassed. I didn’t give a shit. He had me toss the dice one more time and I repeated the same mistake. He got mad, yelled a little, and I walked off. By this point it was after midnight and I had turned into Party Girl. Party Girl is a sassy, social butterfly. I smiled graciously, excused myself from the table, and found a place with some bachelor’s  at the casino bar. I sat with them and chatted while they bought me drinks. Reno stumbled upon me and got annoyed and walked off. It was after 3am, Party Girl was hungry, she ordered a BLT to go and went back to the room to eat and go to bed. I knew Reno had an attitude. I texted him I was going to the room. Next morning  9AM….


I wake up, I am still wearing Party Girl’s dress, and have a headache from the champagne. Ugh! I reach over to the other side of the Cali King bed for Reno and he is not there. My heart starts racing. Great. He went off with another chick. *Deep Breath* I locate my cell phone. No missed calls. I call Reno. Nothing, straight to voicemail. I lie back down and try to relax. Ten minutes later there is loud banging on the door, its Reno. I open the door and ask him where he had been. He tells me…. He proceeds to inform me its my fault he lost pretty much ALL the money for the weekend (don’t forget he is a big spender). As he is yelling and questioning what kind of woman LETS her man gamble til 9amb??? Bullshit, I am thinking ” I miss my dog. I gotta get home.” I remove myself from the situation and go to the lobby for coffee,. By the time I return he’s passed out. I go to the pool and have charge too many margaritas and lunch to the room. When I return Reno is sweet as honey. I don’t want to hear it so I spend the rest of the night with my headphones on. Long story short the next morning we get 86’d from the hotel and casino due to his poor behavior the prior night. We had to pack our shit in 10 minutes and leave. I had a VS tee shirt with 86 on the front and told him he should be wearing it and not me. A year later, still each time I wear that shirt, I take a pic and send it to him bc he was so mad.


So we leave. HALLALUAH! I was sooo happy. I wanted to go home. My happiness turned to rage in 7 min when we pulled into the parking lot of the next casino. OMG! I flipped. Apparently he had $300 left and was going to get the 3G he lost the other night back. I cried. I sucked it up and in a few hours we were finally on our way back home. After getting gently rear ended and bickering for 3 hours thru Labor day weekend traffic, I finally got to my car.  It wasn’t even my birthday yet. I sped out the driveway to get to my empty home. Kumi was spending the weekend at his Aunties 2 hours away. I couldn’t deal. The stress of the weekend was sending my heart into panic mode. I drove the two hours with my weekend bag still packed and relaxed when I got to her house..


Hiatus Time

Online dating has left me with a sour feeling and disgusted look on my face. I activated a different profile on another dating site.  I keep my profile simple. I have one or two photos and a few basic sentences … Continue reading

About damn time I listen to that little voice…

Yay me! I feeling kind of proud of myself right now. I listened to my intuition.  I have recently started meditating.  My mind is always full, I have been trying to be more aware and mindful of being in the present. Meditating … Continue reading

What a difference a day makes

Soo I began this post last night with the intent to complete it this evening. I have a whole new story to tell so I will just post what was written last night….

Last Friday I met Mr. Lineman for margaritas at a decent place near my house. He was nice. Handsome, and excellent taste in music. Music is a big deal, and I have a variety of genres in which please my ears. Mr. Lineman caught my attention when he said he loved to being outside in the sunshine near the water and had to have his music with me. He told me he’d love to take me to some place in the bay for a wonderful dinner on the ocean where we could take a walk on the pier afterwards.  Sounds great right ? Ya, I don’t get excited about these ideas. I have had men tell me they want to take me out on a hot air balloon, to Paris, shopping in LA, and a  Vegas weekend in a penthouse suite. None of which have after happened. So needless to say these little dreams result in a fake smile and nod….After margaritas we went and took a walk at  a nearby park, and we had music. I enjoyed his company and conversation. And he smelled good. Never under estimate the power of a good cologne.  I had on my first date perfume, so I smelled especially good too. After a little hugging under the street lights, I felt it was time for me to go home. I left and he called, requesting to come over so we could “cuddle”. Uh no. Not happening dude.  I got the impression he was annoyed, but I really didn’t care.  I washed my face and snuggled into my bed with my Kumi Bear. I barely want to cuddle with his snoring brindle butt, why would I want to cuddle with a stranger. So the next day, he texts me a novel….What I got out of it was being as a single man, it gets expensive to date and “wine and dine” a girl to get to whatever level he was trying to get to, and if I was looking to “cash out” it wasn’t happening. I replied to him via text, “Thank you, but I am no longer interested”, because I wasn’t. He called and apologized, said he like to talk in person, take me on a picnic and go to the river. Content can be lost in text-land, so I agreed. Being beside the water in the sun is a weakness. It was a very nice, but ended quickly as he said he had to get ready for the work week.20140810_180841[1] So we went our separate ways and about an hour I received a text requesting for my email address. I really didn’t think anything of it until he sent me a few emails in a row….When I asked why he was emailing rather than texting. He said he was embarrassed to as why he was emailing and the reason as to why will be explained in the next post….


No New Friends

20140804_184815[1]20140804_184815[1]Here it is after 9:30pm and I am just now sitting down. I am grumpy and don’t feel like doing school work. Writing helps to stamp out the grumpy fire, so school can wait. I really don’t have anything to complain about. Thankfully I have what are called “champagne problems”. I took Monday and had Tuesday off. I anticipated two sun filled days hanging out with my mama. I am making a conscience effort to spend time with my family and  friends who leave me feeling happy.  I woke Monday morning to the feeling of fall, and it was gloomy. I totally ignored and thought if I put on my brightest bathing suit and sun dress, I could force the universe to give me sunshine. Nope. It rained. We tried going anyway. After the steep hike down the mountain to the water. We sat on the boat dock, and the rain drops kept getting bigger and were falling faster.20140804_143658[1]

We still had a nice time. We had pizza and I was calm enough to sit still and watch a movie with mom. We took the pups for a walk the next day, and I went drove home. Of course, today was hot and muggy and would have been a great day to float on the water, but I was at work. Dr. Grumpy has been in a decent mood, but I still hate work. Id rather be at home, spending time with pups. Im tired now. I have some not so interesting stories regarding Mr. Blast from the Past, and a short interaction with Mr. Wedding Ring…..To be cont’d…